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On the verge of securing his family’s biggest victory since their humiliating downfall three decades ago, Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s son talks confidently about his political ambitions and his father’s legacy.

Ferdinand Marcos Jnr
Ferdinand Marcos Jnr

In an exclusive interview ahead of May 9 elections, with surveys showing he could win the vice presidency, Ferdinand Marcos Jnr conceded there were “widespread human rights abuses” during his father’s rule.

But the 58-year-old insisted the Marcos name remained one of his strongest assets, as he stuck to a no-apology mantra that has been a key part of his family’s remarkable political resurrection.

“I think one of the things that is happening now is I am a beneficiary of the good work that was done in my father’s time,” Marcos said on Monday night at his campaign headquarters in the Philippine capital.

“There were so many different things that were initiated at that time that to this day are of benefit to the people.” Read More

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