The iFans are waiting for the next big revolution: Apple Cars, or, more aptly, iCars. Code-named Project Titan, grapevine has it that a team of experts from California and Germany are secretly working in tandem to create a car “that would change the world.”

Apple recently forayed into the in-car technology through its CarPlay app, which is compatible with iPhone.

According to insiders at Apple, the iCars will be electric and will not be made in China. At least for now. It has been rumored that Canadian auto parts giant Magna International Inc. has emerged as the frontrunner to build Apple’s new car. The idea gained traction after a German newspaper, Handelsblatt, said Daimler AG and BMW AG have both ended talks with Apple.

Twitter is now filled with jokes, with the users taking a jibe at Apple loyalists. Apple Car will have doors, not ‘windows,’ tweeted some, referring to the former’s decade-long tiff with Microsoft. Some even joked about Apple’s poor battery life.

Apple recently forayed into the in-car technology through its CarPlay app, which is compatible with iPhone and can be easily integrated with the car’s dashboard.

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This way, Apple customers are connected to the iOs even while they are driving. They will now have access to Siri, Map and iTunes Radio—everything that will make their road trip convenient.

For sometime now, Tesla and Apple had been at loggerheads ever since the latter started poaching Tesla employees. At the time, Tesla founder Elon Musk said: “They have hired people we’ve fired. We always jokingly call Apple the ‘Tesla Graveyard’. If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple.”

Considering both companies are high-quality centric, will they be fighting for the automobile market share?

Marc Bodnick, an Apple loyalist, answered the question on Quora: “If Apple decides to compete directly with Tesla for the same type of car/segment of the market, that might be bad for Tesla. Presumably Tesla is choosing what it believes are the juiciest opportunities. So Apple may be tempted to head there as well. But Apple has a long way to go. Don’t forget all the regulatory / safety stuff that goes along with making and selling a car. So by the time Apple launches anything, you’d think Tesla would have spread its wings across multiple types of cars. Apple will probably only sell one type of car to begin with, consistent with its previous new product launches. Another possibility is that Apple launches some kind of car in a few years, and it’s simply much better than whatever Tesla is offering. Better battery life maybe; some kind of self-driving functionality. Who knows. The new-car product category seems wide open and I don’t think it’s self-evident that Tesla is at the absolute edge of what’s possible.”

Apple is said to be pushing for a 2019 or 2020 production date for the car.

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