(From Reuters)

Kenji Fujimori, the youngest son of imprisoned ex-president Alberto Fujimori, said on Monday that he will run for president in 2021 if his sister Keiko Fujimori does not win a tight run-off election on June 5.

Keiko Fujimori
Keiko Fujimori

The comment contradicted Keiko Fujimori’s pledge that no Fujimori would seek the presidency in the next election – part of her ongoing effort to shore up her democratic credentials with voters wary of a return to the authoritarian rule of her father, Alberto Fujimori.

“The decision is mine,” Kenji Fujimori said on Twitter. “Only in the event that Keiko does not win the presidency, I will run in 2021.”

Kenji Fujimori, 35, belongs to his sister’s center-right party Fuerza Popular and was re-elected as a lawmaker in Peru’s single-chamber Congress with more votes than any other candidate. Read more

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