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The publisher of a leading magazine on Chinese and regional defense issues says he is leaving Hong Kong out of concern he could be targeted by China’s state security bodies, a further sign of how Beijing’s growing presence is chilling the political atmosphere in the territory.

The suspected abductions of Hong Kong booksellers to China have forced Kanwa Asian Defense publisher Andrei Chang  to leave the city

Kanwa Asian Defense publisher Andrei Chang said Thursday that the suspected abductions to China of booksellers tied to a Hong Kong publisher of tomes about sensitive Chinese political topics had left him shocked and concerned, prompting him to decide to move to Tokyo next month while continuing to publish his magazine in Hong Kong.

“Once you know someone who’d been kidnapped, you start to wonder if you’ll be next,” said Chang, a Canadian citizen who was born in China and who knows the men in the case. “We have to think tactically,” he said. Read More

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