(From Reuters)

China is getting closer to building maritime nuclear power platforms that could one day be used to support Chinese projects in the disputed South China Sea, a widely-read state-run newspaper said on Friday.

Satellite image of the north-west side of Mischief Reef showing a 1,900-foot seawall and newly-constructed infrastructure including housing and an artificial turf parade grounds

China has rattled nerves with its military and construction activities on the islands it occupies in the South China Sea, including building runways, though Beijing says most of what it is building is for civilian purposes, like lighthouses.

The Global Times, an influential tabloid published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, said the nuclear power platforms could “sail” to remote areas and provide a stable power supply.

Liu Zhengguo, head of the general office of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, which is in charge of designing and building the platforms, told the paper that the company is “pushing forward the work”.

“The development of nuclear power platforms is a burgeoning trend,” Liu said. “The exact number of plants to be built (by the company) depends on the market demand.”

Demand is “pretty strong” he added, without elaborating. Read More

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