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An Australian woman accused of fanning hatred of foreigners in Singapore on her website said Monday she would plead guilty to sedition, an offence punishable by jail.

Ai Takagi (front) and Yang Kaiheng (left) each face 7 sedition charges for articles published on a socio-political website

Ai Takagi, 23, told a district court of her intention at the opening of what was to be a joint trial with her Singaporean husband Yang Kaiheng, 27.

Yang and Takagi each face seven sedition charges for articles published between October 2013 and February 2015 on the socio-political website ‘The Real Singapore’, which they were forced by regulators to shut down last year.

State prosecutors on Monday said the couple “brazenly played up racism and xenophobia” on the site.

“They resorted to outright and blatant fabrication in order to attract Internet users to their website — all with the objective of increasing their advertising revenue,” the prosecutors said.

Singapore’s sedition laws make it an offence to promote hostility between different races or classes in the multiracial city-state, which is mainly ethnic Chinese. Read More

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