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Madrid’s Barajas airport is currently on alert after a Saudi Airlines flight reported an unspecified threat that put the facility on high alert.

Two officers and a pilot at the check-in area of ​​Saudi Airlines at the airport
Two officers and a pilot at the check-in area of ​​Saudi Airlines at Madrid’s Barajas airport

The captain of the Saudi Airlines flight SVA226, traveling from Madrid to the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, reported a “threat” on board.

“Security forces and rescue services are mobilized. The plane was isolated and passengers evacuated,” a spokeswoman for AENA, the group that manages airports in Spain, said.

The flight with 95 passengers on board was due for take-off at 10.54 am local time from Terminal Four of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport but remained grounded.

Passengers were told they were leaving the plane because of “technical problems” according to several passengers who spoke to Spanish daily El Mundo.

Police sources are reporting that the alert was declared after a note was found pinned to the wall of the toilet with a knife, on which was written “in English bomb threat”.

Cristina Cifuentes, the president of the Madrid region, called for calm and said all those on board had been evacuated safely.

By 1.10 pm, the airport authorities lowered the level of alert from “general” to “local”.

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