Japanese Emperor Akihito on Wednesday urged the younger generation to “keep alive the memories of World War II” and the hardship that followed, as a way of avoiding conflict amid growing maritime tension in the East and South China Sea.

President Benigno Aquino, right, welcomes Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko before the start of their meeting in Manila Jan. 27

Akihito, 82, who met Philippine President Benigno Aquino privately at the start of a four-day state visit, expressed remorse over atrocities in the region by the Japanese imperial army 70 years ago.

The emperor wanted to remind young people who had not experienced the war not to forget the hardship it brought to both Japan and other Asian countries, his press secretary, Hatsuhisa Takashima, told reporters in the Philippine capital.

“It’s a thing which should not be repeated again,” Takashima added. “He has a strong feeling towards war … and that’s the reason he came here.”

He said the Japanese emperor, who as a child had experienced the horrors of war, was worried the younger generation would not “keep alive the memories of the Second World War.” Read More

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