Mother always told us to wrap up to stay warm in the winter, but we don’t think this is what she meant.

It appears a cold snap in Hong Kong is causing a lot of students at Chinese University HK to wrap up so much that there might be a shortage of condoms on campus.


The link between the cold weather and increased demand for condom was posted on CUHK Secrets, a Facebook page where students at Chinese University HK can anonymously share stories or photos from around campus, reported Coconuts HongKong.

The Facebook page shows a picture of a sign put up by New Asia College student’s union, which provides complimentary condoms year round in campus vending machines as an effort to prevent the spread of AIDS, which is on track to reach the highest number of new HIV diagnoses since 1984.

The sign says: Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder, and the demand for condoms is going to rise. We are anticipating a temporary stock shortage. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Coconuts said this proves that the so-called cuffing season is a real thing.

Cuffing season, for those who don’t read Urban Dictionary, refers to the phenomenon of people coupling up for company during the colder winter months!

Obviously, the cold weather creates increased demand for condoms, but is this going to provide supply shortages? We at Asia Unhedged always want to know the economic side of things. Can we expect the Chinese economy to grow enough to fill this need? Maybe we should start investing in companies that produce condoms.

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