Speaking at the Tri Service Seminar on the 1965 Indo Pak War, Chief of Army Staff Dalbir Singh said Tuesday that the military needs to be ready for short wars as the borders are live with frequent ceasefire violations and infiltration bids by Pakistan, ANI reports.

Gen Dalbir Singh Suhaag says Pakistan is using new methods to create unrest in J-K
Gen Dalbir Singh says Pakistan is using new methods to create unrest in J-K

“We are acutely aware that the swift short nature of future wars is likely to offer limited warning time. This calls for maintaining very high level of operational preparedness at all times, it’s something that has now become important in our strategy,” Singh said in New Delhi.

He said the Indian Army has become more alert with the rise in the number of ceasefire violations by Pakistan.

“Our threats and challenges have become more complex. The Indian army has increased in intensity in the past years. With frequent ceasefire violation and infiltrations by our west neighbour, the border remains live and active. New methods are continued to be employed to create unrest in J&K. The recent incidents of terrorist violence are clear points to extend violence to other areas,” Singh said.

Speaking about the 1965 war, Singh paid homage to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save the contours of India.

“1965 war is saga of raw courage, extraordinary greatness and dogged determination of the Indian military. Most prominently, Indian Army delivered a blow to Pakistan across the entire western front. The war settled many negative myths, restored confidence and laid ground work for the spectacular victory in 1971 six years later,” he said.

The general also praised the contribution of the civil population during the war and how the public support was highly important to the troops.

“There was overwhelming support from civil population. Breaking caste and communal barriers, people, plunged into civil defence work. Cheering crowds saw marching troops to the fronts as patriotism swept across the country. This immense public support was highly important to the troops as it strengthened the bond between civil society and the Army,” Singh said.

The Army Chief of Staff also saluted the brave veterans saying their invaluable contribution and guidance has been a source of strength to the organisation.

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