A former Chinese general has been given a suspended death sentence for bribery and other crimes, agencies report.

Former PLA general Gu Junshan

Xinhua said a military court issued the ruling against Gu Junshan Monday.

Gu was deputy head of the People’s Liberation Army’s General Logistics Department, a position offering him wide-ranging powers over procurement and contracts for the 2.3 million-member armed forces.

Gu was prosecuted in March last year for embezzlement, bribery, and misuse of government funds. He was arrested in January 2013.

He was also alleged to have amassed 600 million yuan in wealth.

Last year, widespread coverage in the domestic media indicated that authorities wanted to publicize his alleged misdeeds.

He owned dozens of apartments in central Beijing, and his mansion in Puyang in the central province of Henan housed several gold art pieces, the magazine Caixin reported at the time.

The Puyang home was modelled on the Forbidden City, covered one hectare of land and was dubbed the ‘General’s Mansion” by locals, the magazine said.

Officials seized “a gold boat, a gold wash basin and a gold statue of Mao Zedong” along with crates of expensive liquor from the premises, it added.

As an additional punishment, the government confiscated all Gu’s personal property, Xinhua said.

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